Product Care

To make sure your item(s) last the test of time, please follow our below tips on how to care for your product.

Always wash and dry your item(s) according to the care label to keep it looking its best for longer. All of our products have cleaning labels that best advise you how to care for them. Our wash labels will instruct you to use one of the following cleaning methods:

Machine Wash: Group your washing into whites, darks and brights to avoid colours running. Take care to wash your garment at the correct temperature – if in doubt, always wash at a lower temperature.

Hand Wash: Group your washing into whites, darks and brights to avoid colours running. Rinse your garment until the water runs clear after hand washing.

After Wash Care: Don’t tumble dry or iron garments unless stated on the care label. Always iron on the reverse of prints or trims. If in doubt please take your dry clean clothes to a reputable dry cleaner. Check the garment’s label for specialist dry cleaning instructions.

We ask that you take care when washing an item that has a mixture of colour and it is advised to use a colour catcher when washing lights and darks or when washing with whites.

What to do if a colour runs: The first step in fixing a run problem is to completely rewash the garments affected in a wash that at least goes to the temperature of the original wash. Add a laundry brightener to your wash, and add the wash load. If it is a handwash item, add the whitening product to the basin before adding your item, you should also add the whitening or brightening product to the affected area first to get maximum results. Now, wash the item fully. If after washing you can still see an issue, repeat the above again. Allow to dry naturally, do not tumble dry.

*note – we are not responsible for a product that has had a colour change after a wash, so we urge you to wash all items correctly as their labels state. If you do have a colour run issue please follow our whitening / brightening advice above to restore your item back to its original condition.